“LCPA owns and operates 400 acres of industrial property.”

Lincoln County Port Authority (LCPA) owns and operates 400 acres of commercial/industrial property acquired after Stimson Lumber Company ceased activity on the property in 2002. This property, referred to as the Kootenai Business Park (KBP), is suitable for commercial and industrial redevelopment. A major strategy of the KBP is the continued investment in infrastructure on the site to attract and support business development. The KBP is currently rehabilitating their rail spur access to BNSF mail line.

Kootenai Business Park is located in Lincoln County, adjacent to the City of Libby, MT, and sits at the junction of State Highway 37 and US Highway 2. The town is about 3 hours east of Spokane, Washington, 3.5 hours northwest of Missoula, Montana, and 1.5 hours west of Kalispell, MT


The current site has substantial infrastructure, direct access to Highway 2 and main rail line of Burlington Northern, a switch engine locomotive, a rail reload facility and electrical substation on site.
The property has electrical, fire suppression, waste water distributions including aerated sewage lagoons. Electrical power is supplied by Flathead Electric Cooperative. There are two feeds into the property:  12,000 KV  and  34,500 KV primary lines.


The Industrial Park borders the mainline of BNSF. The Industrial District owns and operates its own switch locomotive on 1400 ft of rail track (the spur) with a capacity of over 200 eighty-two foot rail cars. Lincoln County Port Authority is in process of rehabilitating the rail spur to meet BNSF’s safety standards with a completion date of July 2017.

Permits and Zoning

The Lincoln County Port Authority has recently established the Kootenai Business Park as a TEDD district and is zoned for mixed use; industrial, commercial and recreational. The property is located in Lincoln County and not within the City Limits of Libby. Therefore, all permits, etc. fall under the jurisdiction of the State of Montana or Lincoln County.


Libby, MT is the location of two EPA Superfund locations, one for groundwater contamination caused by a pole treating facility and the other the result of vermiculite mining which tainted the area with tremilite asbestos. A Record of Decision has been issued for both sites.
The Lincoln County Port Authority is in process of moving toward delisting the 400 acres from the Libby Asbestos Superfund Site. The Kootenai Business Park was remediated (cleaned up) in 2012.