“attracting and developing business investments…”

The mission of the Lincoln County Port Authority is to attract and develop business investment for the purpose of increasing private investment, job creation, and allow for further diversification of the regional economy and tax base.
The organization was formed in 2003 as a means to develop the 400 acres acquired after Stimson Lumber Company ceased activity on the property in 2002.
The Port Authority is governed by a Board of 9 volunteers, who are appointed by the Lincoln County Commissioners for 5 year terms.

Our Board Members

  • John Konzen
    John Konzen Chairman
  • Kevin Peck
    Kevin Peck Vice Chairman
  • Tina Oliphant
    Tina Oliphant Executive Director
  • Brett McCully
    Brett McCully Director of Operations
  • Russ Barnes
    Russ Barnes Board Member
  • Doug Watson
    Doug Watson Board Member
  • Clint Oster
    Clint Oster Board Member
  • Robert (Bob) Zaccheo
    Robert (Bob) Zaccheo Board Member
  • Brigid Burke
    Brigid Burke Board Member
  • Greg Larson
    Greg Larson Board Member

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